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Harmony Horsemanship™ 101: Understand Yourself, Your Horse, & the Language that Connects You

Everything you need to know to get started creating harmony with your horse.

Harmony Horsemanship™ brings horse and human together in harmony through trust, understanding, and calmness. It uses horse psychology and human body awareness to create a partnership.

Harmony Horsemanship™ teaches you to understand yourself, your horse and the language that connects you.

Harmony Horsemanship™ goes beyond other horse training programs because you learn about how you affect your horse, how your horse thinks, and how to work with your horse in a way that makes sense to them. This makes it possible to become connected to your horse – in harmony with your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

During this program you won't be asked to chase your horse, confine them to a small space, hit them with a stick to make them move, or shake your rope at them causing their head to lift and back to hollow. Instead you will learn to start with the calm connection exercises, moving as one and from forward movement, moving together.

You can use the tools (halter/rope/stick) you are most comfortable using - you don't need to use a stick if you don't want to.

Harmony Horsemanship™ 101 is divided into 3 main areas of learning:

  • 1) Understand Yourself
  • 2) Understand Your Horse
  • 3) Understand the Language

When you learn about all three areas it helps you connect with horses because you are taking a wholesome approach to interacting with horses.

Then the course introduces exercises to do with your horse using the A. B. C's following the Harmony Training Continuum. This Continuum helps to know what exercises to do depending on where you horse is on the continuum:

1) Respect & Safety

2) Calm Connection

3) Create a Yes Horse

4) Refinement

This course focuses on the Calm Connection, so you will be given a lot of exercises for this portion of the continumm, but you will also get a few from the other areas.

Harmony Horsemanship™ provides the building blocks for a strong foundation. On that foundation you can build anything and achieve things that perhaps you thought only possible in dreams. This is because your horse will be calm, confident, trusting and can understand you through the language you develop. You can pursue any discipline with harmony horsemanship 101.

This course will give you knowledge and ideas to improve your understanding and partnership with your horse. However seek professional guidance from a certified Harmony Horsemanship™ instructor for assistance with these exercises.


  • Over 7 hours of Video Lectures and links to additional videos
  • Footage of Lindsey working with horses and teaching them their A. B. C's
  • Written Notes and fun quizzes to help you remember the key information
  • Lists of exercises to try with your horse
  • Bonus Content of demos, and training sessions
  • Access to Lindsey's personal email to ask training questions

Get started in harmony with your horse. Improve your relationship and find a calm connection.

Pricing in Canadian Dollars.

Learn more about Harmony Horsemanship™ at www.harmonyhorsemanship.ca

Your Instructor

Lindsey Partridge
Lindsey Partridge

Lindsey Partridge is dedicated to life long learning and helping others connect with their horses.

She is an accomplished student, trainer, and competitor. She has been called 'Canada's Horse Whisperer' by the Toronto Star and 'The Queen of Thoroughbreds' by The Rider. She is a Horse Human Relationship Expert.

Highlights of her resume include:

  • 2017 Lindsey's horses The Bowie Van, Bowdrie, and Here Comes Adri won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the Thoroughbred Makeover in Trail with the help of 15 yr old student Franny Galvin-Hynes. She was also 2nd in Freestyle and 6th in Field Hunter.
  • 2017 Lindsey was the Horse Wrangler for the feature film Autumn Stables and her horses Dreamer, Angel, and Soar (Kahleesi) star in the film.
  • 2016 Lindsey's horse, Dreamer, stars in the movie Unbridled. As well her he was filmed for 'The Farmer and The Belle'.
  • 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover Champion with Trivia Time in both Trail and Freestyle. Lindsey became the first trainer ever to win two disciplines. Lindsey was also the first trainer to have both her horses make finals in both their disciplines because her 2nd horse, Pentland, was 3rd in Trail and Field Hunter.
  • 2016 Can Am Equine Expo Extreme Cowboy Champion with Dreamer
  • 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover winner with her horse 'Soar'. Lindsey won 1st in Trail, 3rd in Freestyle and the overall title of Americas Most Wanted Thoroughbred. She was 2nd place with her other horse 'Lion of Wallstreet' in the Trail division.
  • Platinum level Natural Horsemanship Association Coach and Trainer.
  • Level 2 Centered Riding Coach.

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  Harmony Horsemanship
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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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